Audiopax Model 5 Reference Preamplifier

Frequency Response:    5 Hz to 140kHz (-3dB)
Maximum gain:              14dB (low) / 20dB (high)
Signal to Noise Ratio:    Better than 95dB, Weighted ref, 1V
Input Impedance:           70 Kohms (minimum)
Output Impedance:        1500 ohms (maximum) – 500 ohms (typical)
Distortion:                      <0.08%
Dimensions:                  44cm (W) x 43cm (D) x 12cm (H) (Preamplifier)
                                       34cm (W) x 30cm (D) x 10cm (H) (Power Supply)
Net Weight:                   18Kg (Preamplifier)
                                          5 Kg (Power Supply)
Finish:                           Black Anodised Aluminium Chassis
All of the above specifications consider the Timbre Lock controls at minimum and Volume at maximum.
The Audiopax Model 5 Reference is part of the fifth generation award-winning preamplifiers that is the result of combining innovative, fast and unique topologies with the best audio components available.
Audiopax preamps redefine the role of these components in an audio system, directly and controllably embodying the concept of “synergy” among their units. They are the only preamplifiers in the world to incorporate the Timbre Lock technology, which allows the adjustment of minimal distortion perceived in the system as a whole, breaking away from the conventional concept of single-component tuning or measurements. Due to this, its inclusion in systems is often described as “magical”, revealing all the nuances, dynamics, intentions and emotions of music and musicians, something usually only present in live performances.
Several other features and innovations also contribute to the maximum performance of the systems in which they are inserted: the absolute lack of global feedback, a unique Mosfet topology where this solid-state element is effectively used as a tube (that’s why many consider the inclusion of an Audiopax preamplifier as “the tube” element in their systems), a minimalistic audio path (a single active component between the input and output of it), high-tension (around 160V) power supplies operating with shunt regulation (a topology that allows at the same time, a very precise DC voltage for the audio circuits plus a unique transient response) and the innovative use of inductive loads ( as opposed to conventional resistive loads), where the perceived final dynamics are raised to levels hardly ever achievable by any other market preamplifier. This combination results in macro and micro dynamics that can bring perfectly and simultaneously, the most visceral passages AND the extremely delicate ones – something rarely achieved by most of the electronics in the market. It is no wonder that Audiopax preamplifiers have amassed an impressive number of excellent reviews, awards and “Best of the Show” at the world’s leading audio shows.
Extensive frequency response, exceptional low-level resolution, visceral dynamics, and tremendous immunity to load shifts. Refinement and innovation bring this preamp to the reference category.

Audiopax Model 5 Reference Preamplifier - £11995.00

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