AVID Sequel Turntable – SME Series V Tonearm – Benz Micro Glider SL Cartridge

Periphery Damped Platter
Classic Power Supply
High Torque Drive Motor
Vibration Tuned Subchassis
Drive:  Twin Belt Drive
Speeds:  33.3 & 45.0 Rpm (Adjustable)
Platter Mass:  Aluminium 6.7kg
Bearing:  Inverted Stainless Steel
Thrust Point:  Tungsten Carbide/Sapphire
Suspension:  3 Point Spring Vertical 3.2hz,  Lateral 4.5hz
Tonearm Fitting:  Sme Template
Adapters Available:  Yes: Single or twin tonearms
Tonearm:  ​SME Series V
Motor:  24v 140mnm ac synchronous
Power Supply:  DSP Vari-speed control unit
Dimensions:  425mm (w) x 370mm (d) x 205mm (h)
Net Weight:  12.6kg (28lb) excluding PSU
Employing the same powerful motor as used in the flagship model, this gives the Sequel total control with huge dynamics. Twin belt drive to maximise the platter dynamics.
Enabling the powerful motor to deploy its full potential, we have taken the Classic PSU used on the flagship model. This combination turbo charges the turntables sonic ability.  
​The single action clamp, crafted from solid aluminium with a stainless-steel grounding point, automatically flattens your records to the platter surface.
Precision machined balanced from a solid billet of aluminium, the platter is mass loaded at the edge, giving it a high rotational inertia. Coupling with the conical shaped bearing, there is no lateral movement as it self-centres. Around the edge is a high-density rubber absorbing ring to reduce minor vibration in the platter.
The fixed spindle is press fitted into the sub-chassis, which allows optimum vibration transmission. A captive tungsten carbide ball placed in the spindle top, locates centrally in the uniquely designed sapphire jewelled thrust point. Zero lateral movement eliminates rumble noise making the turntable silent. The bearing is also self-lubricating and maintenance free for life.
A uniquely designed cast aluminium sub-chassis optimises rigidity where its most required to keep the tonearm and bearing coupled to prevent any loss of musical information.
​The uniquely frequency adjustable suspension, with each suspension point tuneable to the same frequency rate regardless of the changing load of different tonearms. The movement of the suspension can be optimised for a high degree of isolation, tuned at 3.5Hz, very little external vibration enters the turntable keeping noise and distortion exceptionally low.

AVID Sequel Turntable - SME Series V Tonearm - Benz Micro Cartridge - £6795

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