CAT SL1 Legend BPX Preamplifier & Power Supply

CAT SL1 Legend BPX Preamplifier & Power Supply – Total Black Path Audio Chain.

All in excellent condition apart from a small mark to the top (see final  photo).

240V ~ 50/60Hz

One owner from new (December 2018), around 400 hours use, serviced by Hearaudio January 2023 and unused since then.


Gain (@1kHz): Line 25.8 dB (“high”) / 15.2 dB (“low”), Phono 47dB MM / 58 dB MC (low) / 64dB MC (high)

Gain Tracking: Line .05dB, Phono .05dB

Frequency Response: Line 0.1Hz to 1.5 MHz+0, -3dB Phono RIAA +/- 0.05dB 20Hz to 20kHz (MC & MM)

Harmonic Distortion (@ 1 volt): Line less than .0001% Phono less than .0005%

Slew Rate: Line 15 volts/microsec, Phono 10 volts/microsec

Maximum Output (@1kHz): Line & phono 50 volts rms

Input Overload: Line 1000 volts rms Phono MM 250 mv rms at 1kHz, MC 70 mv rms

Noise: Line High 98 dBA, Low 109 dBA below2 volt output MM 80dB below 1mv input. (0.10uv EIN) MC high 96 dbA below 1mv input (0.018 EIN)

Separation: Line greater than 100 dB Phono greater than 100 dB

Input Impedance: Line 50 kohms, 20pf Phono 47.5 kohms, 180 pf (user adjustable) MC 2,000 ohms

Output Impedance: Line 100 ohms, Phono 50 ohms

Maximum Load: Line under 4000 pf, over 5000 ohms Phono under 4000 pf, over 10,000 ohms

Dimensions: Main Chassis – 19.0” X 5.24” X 12.2” Power Supply – 12,2” X 4.0” X 6.0”

Weight: Net 80 lbs., Ship 85 lbs.

CAT SL1 Legend BPX Preamplifier & Power Supply

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