Power Conditioner 220-240V

HiFi House is proud to be the Puron distributor for the UK and Europe. We are delighted in being able to offer this superb cost- effective Power Conditioner which delivers remarkable performance improvements; therefore, it is a top recommendation to all our customers. Feedback from those who have already purchased the Puron state a significant impact on the sound quality. Overall observations indicate the following positives:

Silent background
Sharper imaging and soundstage
Better air and space around instruments and vocalists
Micro detail more evident
Bass slam improves
Sounds more musical
Richer sound
Better tone and timbre
Faster attack times

Also, upgrade your TV viewing experience with the Puron! Enhances picture sharpness, brightness, colours, and sense of dimensionality. Elevate your favourite shows and movies to a whole new level of clarity and vibrancy. Try it now and see the difference for yourself!

The Puron Power Conditioner is a small, black cylindrical unit with a captive gold-plated Schuko plug. Orders placed for the UK will include a Schuko to 3-pin 13A adaptor. To get the best results, plug the Puron into the same circuit as your components, whether it’s a wall socket, first position as current flows on an existing power conditioner, or a basic power block. You will start to hear improvements after an hour or so, but realistically, the optimum performance will be achieved around the 30-hour mark.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the ranks of our satisfied customers – order yours today, and upgrade your audio experience with the best sound quality you deserve!

Tom Gibbs review for Positive Feedback 

Puron 230V Power Conditioner - UK - £295 | Europe - €295