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AER Speakers have been made in Germany since 1985. Research, development and uncompromising technical perfection are the structural features of the products. A very decisive point in the development of high-end audio system is to review the results with all measurement techniques available, the final ultimate test is to use our hearing… does it sound right?

AER speaker systems are known for their high levels of clarity and dynamics. Music is reproduced realistically… it’s alive and emotional. Only when a speaker can reproduce the pure sound, the dynamics and the richness of instrument detail and overtones, can we relax and completely enjoy the music. AER speakers provoke emotion by giving a genuine musical experience, which otherwise can only be heard at concerts.


THE JAZZ - Compact with great sound

The Jazz is a entry level full range speaker in the AER horn based technology. It is equipped with excellent dynamics, subtle music playback and a superb room simulation. These tonal qualities make this speaker ideal for lovers of jazz and classical music.

As a full range speaker, which works completely without a sound influencing crossover, the purity of analogue playback technology is perfectly suited for HiFi purists and lovers. Due to its high efficiency, the Jazz can also be operated with high quality amplifiers of low power.

This speaker has modest dimensions. The sound that it generates is clean and natural.

The Jazz is a front and back loaded horn with the AER BD 1B full range driver . The front horn is known as aAER Excenternhorn. The back horn, that sends only the low tones, is equipped with a downwards radiating opening.

To avoid interference the Excenterhorn is extremely flat and expanded continuously. As its name implies, it is eccentric which also helps eliminate harmonic distortions. Despite its flat design the horn increases the load during low volume playback. With the BD 1B transparency in the midrange and a treble range that the ear can hear the smallest and finest sonics.


Analogue horn speaker withouyt crossover
AER Excenter horn
Equipped with BD1B driver
High efficiency: 100db/1W/1m
Suitable for operation with single-ended amplifiers
Acrylic or wooden cabinet
10 year guarantee


Jazz Backloadedhorn with frontloaded Excenterhorn
Equipped with AER full range BD1B high performance driver
Power: 100W / 300W
Impedance; 16Ohm
Frequency response; 40 Hz – 20 kHz
Dimensions H 106cm | W 33cm | 18cm
Excentrerhorn Dimensions 65cm | Depth 18cm
Weight: 11Kg
Acrylic cabinet in standard high gloss Black or White or veneered Satin wood cabinet

Jazz Horn Speaker £ POA

Excenter - The Stage Beauty

The Excenter is a horn speaker which not only looks unique, but sounds unique. The impressive power and intensity results in the sound being dynamic and detailed; instruments and voices are reproduced with remarkable finesse and authenticity.

The extraordinary design of the Excenter successfully combines the beneficial acoustic properties of spherical horns, open baffles and point sources in a single speaker. The horn is powered by a full-range speaker; a subwoofer takes over only under one hundred hertz. This low crossover frequency has a great advantage,  it is important to note that the human voice in its range reaches down to eighty-five hertz in its deepest tones, it therefore is transmitted without breakage by just one chassis.

As in an open baffle, the full-range speaker emits sound to the back of the room, avoiding the negative reflections of the walls in a box. Thus, the membrane of the chassis is not deflected in its return movement, improving the quality of the music playback. Because of this, the sound of the Excenter is free and open and gives the music a very natural character.

Since the Excenter is driven by a full-range loudspeaker which transmits almost every detail of the music, it conforms to the ideal of point source sound. This guarantees an excellent spatial representation of the music, free of interference and effortlessly places a wide and deep sound stage in the room.

The Excenter is perfect for purists, as the full-range driver operates without a crossover or other components, and its sound characteristics make it ideal for classical music fans.


Open Baffle Reference Speaker with linear frequency response
Equipped with BD3B high-performance driver
High efficiency: 106db /1w/1m
Ideally suited for operation with single-ended amps
10 year guarentee with optional upgrade service


Excenter Open Baffle with frontloaded Excenterhorn
Equipped with AER full range BD3B high performance driver
Power: 100W / 300W
Frequency response: 100 Hz – 70kHz
Dimension: Stand: H 105 cm| W 96 cm | D 42 cm
Dimensions: Excenterhorn 128 cm | D 22 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Acrylic stand and Excenterhorn

Excenter Open Baffle Reference Speaker - £ POA

The AeroFon - Experience perfect sound in a new dimension

The AEROFON is the masterful result of more than 40 years of painstaking research into the design and manufacture of loudspeakers employing full-range drivers and horn enclosures. A sound that lets you experience the soul of music more directly than ever before.

Back-loaded horn with the innovative placement of the driver in the horn mouth, means that the driver is seated in the opening where the low frequencies are emitted so that the sound is carried by the bass waves.  The effect is significant improvement of the sound radiation dispersion, resulting in more three-dimensional music reproduction, making it almost impossible to locate the loudspeaker as the source of the sound.  The music is spread clearly and evenly throughout the room. The optimized horn contour enables a low cut-off frequency of 35 Hz, rendering a subwoofer unnecessary.  Experimenting with many different materials and after conducting countless listening tests led to the same conclusion: for this innovative loudspeaker construction, high-quality acrylic glass, which has been optimised for sound quality through tempering, is the ideal material.

The AEROFON econ – Despite its compact and lightweight construction, the unique sound guide distributes the sound optimally throughout the room while at the same time produces a powerful bass.  The sublime AER BD E driver captivates the listener with its natural sound and brilliance.

The AEROFON essence – the top-class reference loudspeaker, with an identical cabinet to the econ but instead employing the peerless AER BD 5 driver.  Masterfully built like a musical instrument, this combination currently represents the limit of what is possible – dynamically and tonally almost indistinguishable from the natural sound, even with a large orchestra.


Innovative analogue horn loudspeaker without crossover
High efficiency: Aerofon eco with 102db /1W/1m
Aerofon Essence with 116db /1W/1m
Ideally suited for operation with high-quality tube amplifiers
High-quality tempered acrylic glass in white, black or special colours
10 year warranty on speakers and drivers

Aerofon Eco - Entry Level Reference Speaker £ POA

Aerofon Essence - Premium Level Reference Speaker £ POA